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Table 3 Cost-effectiveness of antibiotics for treatment of pneumonia patients

From: Network meta-analysis and pharmacoeconomic evaluation of antibiotics for the treatment of patients infected with complicated skin and soft structure infection and hospital-acquired or ventilator-associated penumonia

Treatment strategy Total cost (USD) Incremental cost (USD) Total LY LY saveda ICER per LY saved
Vancomycin 16,346   9.84   
Teicoplanin 12,487 − 3858 10.80 0.96 Dominant
Linezolid 19,230 2884 11.16 1.32 2185
  1. USD US dollar, LY life-years, ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
  2. aCalculated as the average cost per patient and the average number of LY per patient in this strategy minus those of the treatment of vancomycin