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Fig. 3

From: A multifaceted hand hygiene improvement program on the intensive care units of the National Referral Hospital of Indonesia in Jakarta

Fig. 3

Predicted compliance rates by WHO moment of hand hygiene and by healthcare worker in the baseline phase (I) and post-intervention phases (III and IV). HCW, healthcare worker; HCW: N: nurse; HCW: P: physician. Moment 1 is before touching a patient. Moment 2 is before a clean/aseptic procedure. Moment 3 is after body fluid exposure risk. Moment 4 is after touching a patient. Moment 5 is after touching patient’s surroundings. Black dots indicate the estimated marginal means of compliance rate. The red arrows give information on the significance of the difference between phases. Overlapping red arrows within a block (i.e. a block of phase I, III, and IV) means a nonsignificant difference between phases, nonoverlapping arrows imply a significant difference. The arrows are adjusted for multiple testing using Tukey’s method. The blue bars are 95% confidence intervals, not adjusted for multiple testing

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