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Table 1 Intervention implementation activities

From: Implementation of a surgical unit-based safety programme in African hospitals: a multicentre qualitative study

Technical SSI Preventative Measures1

Adaptive Elements2

• Preoperative patient bathing

• Avoiding hair removal or performing it with clippers

• Optimisation of surgical site skin preparation

• Optimisation of surgical hand preparation

• Optimisation of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis (timing, dose, type of antibiotic, re-dosing)

• Improving discipline in the operating room (limiting number of people and door opening during operation)

• Formation of local SUSP perioperative team

• Hospital survey on patient safety, to raise awareness and assess current status of patient safety culture

• Patient safety video played by local surgical leaders

• CUSP adaptive tools:

 o Staff safety assessment

 o Learning from defects

• Morbidity and mortality meetings

• Participation in monthly multisite SUSP webinars

• Conduct of local educational meetings

• Feedback of data on SSI surveillance and compliance with SSI preventive measures

  1. SSI = survival site infection. SUSP=Surgical Unit-Based Safety Programme. CUSP=Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Programme [1].Support materials related to the technical SSI preventive measures are available at [2]. Materials from the CUSP study used in this project are available at