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Table 3 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Implementation of a surgical unit-based safety programme in African hospitals: a multicentre qualitative study

SUSP Involvement

How did you first become involved in the project?

When you first learned about the project, what were your expectations?

Who decided that your hospital participates and why?

SSI Prevention intervention

Think about your SSI prevention intervention. Can you walk me through the intervention effort?

What elements of your SSI prevention intervention did you perceive as most useful in your setting?

What elements of your SSI prevention intervention were most difficult to implement, if any?

Key individuals/Leadership support

Who was involved in your SSI intervention team?

Who would you say was most supportive to the SUSP project?

In what way, if at all, did leadership support or hinder the intervention?

Data Review and Sharing

How did people in the hospital hear about the results of the SUSP effort, if at all?

What problems, if any, have you had with getting the data you needed?

Safety Culture

What did you think of the HSOPS survey questions?

Have you noticed any change in the patient safety culture in your institution?

Aside from this project, do you have any other patient safety programs in your hospital?

Your SUSP experience (wrap-up)

What do you think the SUSP experience represented for your unit/facility?

What do you think the SUSP experience represented for you personally as a health professional?

  1. Abbreviations: SUSP=Surgical Unit-Based Safety Programme. SSI = surgical site infection. HSOPS=Hospital survey on patient safety