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Table 2 Univariable and multivariable analysis of risk factors associated with ESBL-E colonisation

From: Colonisation with pathogenic drug-resistant bacteria and Clostridioides difficile among residents of residential care facilities in Cape Town, South Africa: a cross-sectional prevalence study

 UnivariableMultivariable (n = 117)
ParameterOdds ratio (95% CI)P valueOdds ratio (95% CI)P value
Any incontinence2.9 (1.2–6.9)0.0193.2 (1.3–8.1)0.013
Katz ADL1.3 (1.0–1.6)0.027 
Systemic antibiotic exposure last 3 months1.7 (0.6–4.5)0.294
Hospital exposure in last 6 months1.9 (0.8–4.9)0.1432.0 (0.8–5.5)0. 154
Non-ambulatory2.2 (0.8–5.7)0.105 
Charlson score1.4 (0.9–2.2)0.119 
  1. Katz ADL score, antibiotic exposure, non-ambulatory status, and Charlson score were dropped from the multivariable model due to P-value exceeding including pre-defined inclusion threshold (P < 0.2). Presence of pressure ulcers was not included as a predictor due to insufficient data (n = 4)