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Table 5 Parameter estimates, 95% CIs and P-values from segmented regression model describing the trends of monthly ABHR consumption

From: The effect of a 5-year hand hygiene initiative based on the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy: an interrupted time-series study

  Coefficient 95% CI P-valuea
Intercept 4.344 2.032–6.656 <  0.001
Baseline trend 0.006 −0.103-0.115 0.919
Level change from last point in the pre-implementation to the first point in the implementation phase 4.387 1.499–7.276 0.003
Slope change from pre-implementation to implementation 0.479 0.359–0.599 < 0.001
  1. ABHR alcohol-based hand rub, CI confidence interval
  2. The model describes trends and change in the error rate during the pre-implementation, and implementation phases
  3. aCalculated using Student’s t-test