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Table 1 Genetic resistance profile of the P. aeruginosa NDM-1-producing strain isolated from a patient hospitalized in Bari, Italy, in October 2019

From: First detection of autochthonous extensively drug-resistant NDM-1 Pseudomonas aeruginosa ST235 from a patient with bloodstream infection in Italy, October 2019

Resistance gene productResistance genes
Aminoglycoside modifying enzymesaph(3)-IIb, aphA6, aadA6, aac(3)-Ib, aadB, aph(3′)-IIb, aph(3′)-VI, aac(6′)-Ib7, ant(2″)-Ia, aph(3′)-IIb, aph(3′)-VI, aac(6′)-Il, ant(2″)-Ia, aph(3′)-IIb_1, aph(3′)-VI_1, aac(6′)-Il_1, ant(3″)-Ia_1, aadA9
β-lactamasesblaNDM-1, blaPAO, blaOXA-50, blaOXA-488, blaPDC-2, blaPDC-35
Fluoroquinolone resistance determinantcrpP
Macrolide resistance determinantermE
Bicyclomycin resistance determinantbcr-1
Chloramphenicol resistance determinantcatB7
Fosfomycin resistance determinantsfosA, fosA4
Triclosan resistance determinantsTriABC-OpmH
Multidrug resistance efflux pumpsMexAB-OprM complex, MexCD-OprJ complex, MexEF-OprN complex, MexGHI-OpmD complex, MexJK complex, MexMN-OprM complex, MexPQ-OpmE complex, MexVW-OprM complex, MexXY-OprM complex, MuxABC-OpmB complex, armR, arnA, cpxR, pmpM, qacE-H, qacF, soxR