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Table 4 Negative binomial regression analysis risk factors on self-reported compliance

From: Will healthcare workers improve infection prevention and control behaviors as COVID-19 risk emerges and increases, in China?

 Outbreak riskExtent of risk
Before touching a patient
 Outbreak risk0.1060.006< 0.001***
 Education degree−0.0240.0130.062*
Before aseptic procedure
 Outbreak risk0.0360.003< 0.001***
 Work year−0.0040.0020.041**
After body fluid exposure risk
 Outbreak risk0.0290.003< 0.001***
 Work year−0.0040.0020.034**
After touching a patient
 Outbreak risk0.0660.004< 0.001***
After touching patient surroundings
 Outbreak risk0.0960.005< 0.001***
 High-risk Department0.0500.0300.092*
 Risk of affected area0.0470.0250.062*
 Education degree−0.0290.0120.017**
Overall hand hygiene
 Outbreak risk0.0700.003< 0.001***
 High-risk Department0.0270.0130.037**
 Risk of affected area0.0280.0110.012**
Appropriate patient placement
 Outbreak risk0.0630.005< 0.001***
 Work load−0.0180.0080.029**
Use of mask
 Outbreak risk0.0430.004< 0.001***
Use of glove
 Outbreak risk0.0870.006< 0.001***
 Career0.1100.027< 0.001***0.0850.0400.036**
Use of goggle
 Outbreak risk0.1510.010< 0.001***
 Risk of contact with confirmed and suspected patients−0.1590.041< 0.001***
 High-risk Department0.1490.0470.002***
 Risk of affected area0.0790.0410.052*
 Work load−0.0610.0200.002***−0.0630.0240.009**
Use of gown
 Outbreak risk0.1290.009< 0.001***
 Risk of contact with confirmed and suspected patients−0.1550.036< 0.001***
 High-risk Department0.1330.0410.001***
 Risk of affected area0.1130.0350.001***
 Work load−0.0440.0190.017**−0.0450.0210.029**
Overall use of PPE
 Outbreak risk0.1090.006< 0.001***
 Risk of contact with confirmed and suspected patients−0.0870.019< 0.001***
 High-risk Department0.0870.023< 0.001***
 Risk of affected area0.0460.0190.016**
 Work load−0.0260.0110.017**−0.0300.0110.009***
Terminal disinfection
 Outbreak risk0.0590.005< 0.001***
 Risk of affected area0.0540.0250.030**
Report to superior
 Outbreak risk0.0590.013< 0.001***
 Work load−0.0170.0090.081*
  1. Significance: ***p < 0.01, **p < 0.05, *p < 0.10