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Table 4 Hand hygiene infrastructures in six hospitals, 2018

From: Hand hygiene in surgery in Benin: opportunities and challenges

Characteristics Hosp A Hosp B Hosp C Hosp D Hosp E Hosp F
Is Running water available A I I I I I
Is water visibly clean Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kind of taps available Hand- Operated Hand-operated Hand-operated Hand-operated Hand-operated Hand-operated
Are disposable towels available at all sinks No No No No No No
Is soap available at all sinks I Yes Yes Yes Yes I
Is an ABHR available (%) 100 50 50 100 50 50
Are posters illustrating HH technique beside each sink No No Yes No Yes No
Is any other type of reminder on HH available on this ward? No No No No No No
Are audits on HH compliance periodically performed? No No No No No No
  1. I Intermittently = Unavailability half of time. ABHR Alcohol based Hand Rub, A Always