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Table 3 Compliance with the recommendations of the reference guidelines for preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis

From: Compliance with antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines in caesarean delivery: a retrospective, drug utilization study (indication-prescription type) at an Ecuadorian hospital

Assessment criteria CPG- Ecuador
N (%)
N (%)
Use of PAP 569 (69.90)* 569 (69.90)*
Appropriate selection of the antibiotic 558 (98.07)**
Appropriate dose of the antibiotic 526 (92.44)**
Appropriate timing of administration 569 (100)** 569 (100)**
Appropriate duration of administration 0 0
  1. CPG-Ecuador Clinical Practice Guidelines for caesarean delivery care in Ecuador, ASHP American Society of Health-System Pharmacists guideline, PAP preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis
  2. *Percentage of the total population included in the study (n = 814); **Percentage of the population that received PAP (n = 569)