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Table 1 Variable definitions

From: The Clean pilot study: evaluation of an environmental hygiene intervention bundle in three Tanzanian hospitals

Type Variable Definition
Impact Cleanliness (Aerobic Colony Counts—ACC) Binary (< 2.5 cfu/cm2 = clean; ≥ 2.5 cfu/cm2 = not clean)
Categorical (0; > 0 to < 2.5; 2.5 to < 12; 12 to < 40; 40+)
Impact Cleanliness (S. aureus) Binary: presence or absence of S. aureus
Process outcome Cleaning action (gel dots) Binary (cleaning performed: gel dot completely removed; failure: gel dot not removed or only partially removed)
Outcome predictor Ward type Categorical (labour ward, postnatal vaginal deliveries, post-natal c-section deliveries, neonatal ward OR KMC ward)
Outcome predictor Hospital Categorical (1, 2, 3)
Outcome predictor Bed occupancy Occupancy is the number of patients divided by the number of beds in that specific ward
[Note: Number of patients was collected during each visit. For labour ward only it refers to the number of patients present during last shift]
Study characteristic Shift type Categorical (gel dots applied either morning, afternoon or night)
Study characteristic Bed frame/mattress Binary (mattress or bed sampled)
Context Water availability Binary (whether water is flowing from at least one access point: yes, no)
Context Chlorine availability Binary (whether chlorine is available in the central store and within the expiry date: yes, no)