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Box 2 Suggested curriculum change in medical schools

From: A road-map for addressing antimicrobial resistance in low- and middle-income countries: lessons learnt from the public private participation and co-designed antimicrobial stewardship programme in the State of Kerala, India

Module I:
1. Introduction to AMR
2. Infection Prevention and Control Basics
3. Good Antimicrobial Prescription Practices
Module II:
1. Application of PK/PD principles at bedside
2. Syndromic based Empiric therapy—Community Onset infections & Healthcare associated Infections
3. Interpretation and Use of Microbiological culture reports in clinical decisions
Module III:
1. AMS and its application at Individual Prescriber level
2. AMS and its application at organisational/departmental level
3. Evidence based IPC in specific clinical Units (ICU, OT, Dialysis etc.)
Module I &II for MBBS Undergraduates students
Module I, II&III for clinicians/Post Graduate students