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Table 1 Human Factors Engineering (HEF)-Informed Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Strategies for Improving Terminal Cleaning and Disinfection

From: Implementation of human factors engineering approach to improve environmental cleaning and disinfection in a medical center

Work system elementsHFE-informed intervention
PeopleEnvironmental service workers (ESWs) education (eg, strengthening wipe off practices, when to change cleaning cloths and mop heads, and reminders not to miss the high-touch surfaces.)
TasksRedesign and simplify the workflow of terminal cleaning and disinfection on the basis of ergonomics principles (eg, clean one side of mattress then walk to the other side to clean the other part of mattress, avoid excessive extension of body)
Tools and technologiesRedesign the regular method of disinfectant dilution (Additional file 1).
Design a checklist-form reminder with high-touch surfaces photographs (Additional file 2).
Organization Internal environment External environmentUsing a media to publicize the efforts of the ESWs in infection prevention, encourage all of people to maintain a clean environment in the hospital, and make understanding of time allowed to clean room.