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Table 2 Distribution of 61 CPE isolates harbouring 63 carbapenemase-encoding genes (2011–2016, Reunion Island, France). a Two isolates harboured two carbapenemase-encoding genes: one K. pneumoniae isolate harboured blaNDM-1 and blaOXA-181, and one E. coli isolate harboured blaNDM-1 and blaVIM-2

From: Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae circulating in the Reunion Island, a French territory in the Southwest Indian Ocean

SpeciesType of carbapenemase-encoding genesa
K. pneumoniae24 1 11a    27
E. coli6141 1   1a14
E. cloacae3     6   9
C. freundii6         6
S. marcescens        3 3
E. asburiae       1  1
E. kobei1         1
P. mirabilis1         1
S. enterica subsp. enterica1         1