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Table 2 Compliance rates for sheath integrity after an ultrasound-guided invasive procedure

From: Emergency ward ultrasound: clinical audit on disinfection practices during routine and sterile examinations

Checking the integrity of the protective sheath (n = 51) Correct answer n answered n correct %
By visually inspecting for:     
A tear or a hole on the sheath YES 51 9 18
Blood or body fluids contamination on the probe or on the dry paper used to remove gel YES 49 12 25
If one of these methods identifies a risk of probe contamination:     
Existence of a specific disinfection procedure (intermediate level)? YES 51 5 10
Probe intermediate level of disinfection: Immersion in a disinfectant solution? YES 51 0 0
  1. Those compliance rates were not included in the overall compliance rates of the questionnaire shown in Table 1