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Table 1. 5 May 2021 WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign calls to action

From: “Seconds save lives—clean your hands”: the 5 May 2021 World Health Organization SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign

Campaign participants Call to action
Health care workers Now more than ever, clean your hands at the point of carea
IPCb practitioners Champion and mentor clean hands at the point of care
Facility managers Ensure hand hygiene supplies are available at every point of care
Policy-makers Invest now to ensure hand hygiene for all
Patients and families Help us to help you: please clean your hands
Vaccinators Clean your hands with every vaccine
General public Make clean hands your habit—it protects us all
  1. aPoint of care refers to the to the place where three elements come together: the patient, the health care worker, and care or treatment involving contact with the patient or their surroundings (as published in the WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in health care)
  2. bIPC infection prevention and control