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Table 1 Specimen details, colistin susceptibilities and presence of mcr-1 in colistin resistant isolates

From: Plasmid-mediated mcr-1 colistin resistance in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. clinical isolates from the Western Cape region of South Africa

Species Isolate Specimen type Date of collection Hospital Vitek MIC (μg/ml) Etest MIC (μg/ml) mcr-1 PCR Additional antibiotic resistance
E. coli CEC1 Urine 25/01/2016 A 4 (R) 4 (R) + SXT,
CEC2 Urine 16/01/2016 F 4 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, CIP, CXM(I)
CEC3 Urine 15/01/2016 D 16 (R) 4 (R) + none
CEC4 Urine 16/01/2016 E 8 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP, CXM(I)
CEC5 Urine 01/02/2016 H 16 (R)c 0.5 (S) - AMI(I)
CEC7 Superficial abdominal swab 27/01/2016 D 8 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP, AMC(I), CIP, CXM(I), TZP(I)
CEC8 Urine 12/02/2016 A 8 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP, CIP
CEC9 Urine 16/02/2016 B 4 (R) 2 (S) + SXT, AMP, CIP
CEC10 Urine 16/02/2016 C 4 (R) 2 (S) + AMP, AMC(I), CIP, CXM, CTX, CAZ, FEP, AMI(I), TZP(I)
CEC11 Urine 03/03/2016 B 8 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP,
CEC12a Urine 23/05/2016 A 4 (R) 4 (R) - SXT, AMP, AMC(I)
CEC13 Urine 10/06/2016 G 4 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP, CIP, CXM(I), FOX(I)
CEC14 Urine 27/07/2016 A 4 (R)c 0.5 (S) - none
CEC15a Urine 23/07/2016 A 4 (R) 4 (R) - SXT, AMP
K. pneumoniae CK1b Urine 20/05/2016 E 4 (R) 2 (S) + AMP, AMC, CIP, CXM, CTX, CAZ, FEP, TZP(I)
CK2 Sputum 17/06/2016 A 16 (R) 4 (R) + SXT, AMP, AMC, CIP, CXM, FOX, CTX, CAZ, FEP, GEN, AMI, TZP, ETP, IPM, MEM
CK5 Urine 17/07/2016 C 4 (R) 0.5 (S) + AMP, CXM
CK6 Urine 26/07/2016 A 16 (R) Isolate lost during culture SXT, AMP, AMC, CIP, CXM, FOX, CTX, CAZ, FEP, GEN, AMI(I), TZP
CK7b Urine 12/08/2016 E 16 (R) 4 (R) - SXT, AMP, AMC, CIP, CXM, CTX, CAZ, FEP, GEN, TZP(I)
CK8 Sputum 02/07/2016 C 4 (R) 0.5 (S) + AMP, GEN(I), AMI(I)
K. oxytoca CK3 Superficial skin swab 21/06/2016 B 16 (R) 0.25 (S) + AMP
  1. aSuccessive E. coli isolates obtained from the same patient. bSuccessive K. pneumonia isolates obtained from the same patient. cRepeat Vitek susceptibility testing redefined the colistin MIC as 0.5 μg/mL; both these isolates were excluded from further analysis. R resistant, I intermediate, S susceptible, SXT trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, CIP ciprofloxacin, CXM cefuroxime, AMP ampicillin, AMI amikacin, AMC amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, TZP piperacillin-tazobactam, CTX cefotaxime/ceftriaxone, CAZ ceftazidime, FEP cefepime, GEN gentamicin, ETP ertapenem. IPM imipenem, MEM meropenem